The Moonshot Pirates are a global movement of future-oriented talents & young
change-makers, which are fueled by fun and driven by purpose. 


Develop an app for 14-19 year olds from around the globe to keep them engaged with the Moonshot Pirates initiative, after they have participated once in a physical bootcamp, anywhere on the planet.
Build a digital community platform allowing personal & professional development.
Create a meaningful connection between young talents & experts.


Since we were formed into groups of 3-5 people the tasks were split and everybody in the group had their tasks. 
We started with some user research methods such as, interviews and surveys.
After combining all of the results the prototype phase began. Starting with rough sketches, to paper prototypes and digital lo-fi prototype to get a feeling for the content what should be on our app. 
I clearly focused on the prototyping and user interface design in this project.
After a few testings with the paper prototype and the lo-fi prototype we finally had our structure which should lead us into the hi-fi prototype. After choosing a color scheme and defining the design system we all started to work on different screens and combined all our screens in the end. In the end we had a fully clickable hi-fi prototype of the Moonshot Accelerator. 

Meet the team

Wolfgang Fargel
Francois Gustin
Andrea Trenkova
106a1713-5034-4d35-8426-61aa03763bd6 3.j
Fritzi Seppeler

The Process:

_Paper prototype


_Design guidelines

_High-fidelity prototype


Paper prototype

Based on the define features, each team member
created an own paper prototype wich were later
combined into one.


During wireframing the structure became digitally
alive. Results of the paper prototype combined with the userflow resulted in a complete depicition of the
future app.
Task 1 bis.png
edit Pitch.png

Design Guidelines

During a client meeting, the name accelerator was defined for the app. Based on the name and the existing branding of moonshot pirates, the design guideline was created collectively.
_All team members created a moodboard based on the word "Accelerator" and results of the user research phase
_Matching highlights were chosen from each team member and the moodboard was formed
_As a result all necessary design guidelines such as: font, colour scheme and weight and signature shapes

Color scheme


High-fidelity Prototype

The app was newly build based on the approved logic
of the wireframes and the defined design guidelines.
Remote Usability Testing with tagerget audience:

_Users love functionalities and features of the app:

    Tik-Tok style scrolling thourgh company challenges &

     pitches of fellow users

_Accelerator tool to help them develop ideas for

    challenges was highly appreciated

_Similarity to commonly known tools was

    understood and liked