Project ​

The newspaper "Götterbote" (from Hermes the messenger of the gods) is a 72 page newspaper which developed during my bachelors project. 
In addition to the thesis with the guiding question: "how is it possible to resuscitate the greek mythology with the help of modern media?"


Since i wanted to educate the people on greek mythology in our daily lives i started to do some interviews and surveys. After analyzing the results i figured out, that many people are interested in learning about greek mythology, but more than 50% of the interviewees were saying, that the learning effect is bigger, when they're reading from print products. So i decided to create a classic newspaper. 
The newspaper is a classic medium and still very popular in the modern media world.

My Role

This project was part of my bachelors project in 2019/2020. I worked all by myself on the newspaper, with some support of my professor. 
What i did: 
_defining a design system 
_picture editing 
_editorial design 

The Process:

_Logo Design

_Illustrations & photo editing


Logo design

The logo should excite the feeling of a respectable, trustworthy and classical newspaper.
A serif font is used to show the longevity of the newspaper and to refer to the historical content. The name should apparently indicate the greek mythology. 

Final Logo

The final logo consists of a simple serif font and a little blip. The font is Starling-book. The blip shows a laurel wreath, which is an always recurring symbol in the greek mythology. It was given to the winners of the olympic games back in the days. The name "Götterbote" is german for messenger of the gods. There is also a god who is the messenger of the gods, his name is Hermes. The Logo is clean and very plain, always occurring in black with the laurel wreath also in black.  

Color scheme

Illustrations & Photo editing

To create a harmonic and calm general view in the newspaper i pigmented all picture elements
(photos & illustrations) in the chosen colors from the color scheme.
The illustrations were very simple and plain with a very thin contour. They shouldn't distract the reader from reading the articles. Therefore they're illustrated this simple, to function as an additional Design Element. 


The final layout was like the "typical" newspaper, everybody knows. Through the different design elements such as colored pictures and illustrations the overall view is structured harmonic and simple. Catchy fonts in the Headlines of the articles gave another 'push' to single pages and their composition.