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Empatic User Experience Strategy is a UX Agency based in Innsbruck , Austria. 
They provide every possible UX strategy, from user research & innovative potential, product design, strategy & consulting to teaching UX. 


The Empatic UX Website is a little outdated and the information architecture is confusing. Also the information about their expertises is too little and the focus should be more on the case studies and projects. 

My Role

Since this is a fictional Project which was suggested to me by Maria Kolitsch (Product & Business Strategist @Empatic) during the User Experience Bootcamp in Vienna, i was working on this project all by myself. 
What i did: 
_Restructure the IA through card sorting 
_created a new sitemap 
_defined a new design system and new design      elements 
_created several hifi prototypes of the website

The Process:

01. Sketches

02. Wireframing

03. Highfidelity Prototype


To start my design process i started with simple, very rough sketches. 


The following phase is the wireframing phase. The Wireframes helped me to structure the content and composition of the website. 
In this phase i clearly focused on planning the website, instead of "making it beautiful".

High-fidelity Prototype

Since this Project is a fictional Project with the main goal to give Empatic a feeling of how their website could look like, the final presentation was displayed in form of a high fidelity prototype. 

Landing Page and Navigation

Cases + Case Study